Hiking in Néron

Starting location : Saint Martin Le Vinoux, 440m Summit Elevation: 1250m Estimated time: 6 hours ZeeTeam moved up on the tops of Grenoble this weekend by doing the crossing of Neron. A dizzy Hiking The city of Grenoble takes its charm mostly thanks to its geographical location. Cradle of Innovation and Technology, Grenoble is surrounded by

5 unusual sports !

The launch of menhir. No, you have not misread. The practice of throwing a menhir (made famous by the French comics Asterix and Obelix) is a very interesting and exciting sport that takes place annually in the town of Guerlesquin in the region of Finistère (France). This event, which was at start a simple gathering


Mix some caving, hiking, climbing, mountaineering and some water sports and as a result, you will get canyoning. The perfect combination for the best sensations. Last week, the team ZeeMono traveled to the region of the Alpes Maritimes to try its luck at this sport. Let’s lift the veil on this wonderful activity. What is

UT4M – Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs.

After a great success in 2014 with more than 1000 registered participants, the Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs returns for its third edition from the 21st to the 23rd of August 2015. What is this event? Where does it take place? The Ut4M is an endurance test that takes place in the nature by offering


Today, we have decided to dedicate this article to the establishment that helps us developing our company. Let’s discover the secrets of the incubator (IncubaGEM) of the French school of Management located in Grenoble – France. For those who ignore what an incubator is, it is a structure created by large groups (companies, business schools

The Kin-ball

Origins Coming from Quebec (Canada), the Kin-ball was created in 1986 by a man called Mario Demers, a professor of physical education. After its popularization in this country, this sport was first exported to the United States and Japan before to get known in France. What equipment is required to play kin-ball? First of all,

Slacklining, a street art accessible to everybody.

The rhythm of summer is coming with its variety of activities but there is a special one we will take about in this article. You may have guessed it with the title but we’ll talk about the slackline, this line that you can see in every park and in every free space once the warm

The golf is riding the trend.

Playing golf is nice, but when it comes to the point where one have to carry a heavy bag along the 18 holes, it can be hard to keep one’s optimism at the maximum. This reflection has been shared by Don Wildman, founder of Bally Total Fitness. This is why, he took the decision to

Physioski at the service of the cyclists.

From the 2nd to the 5th of July will take place in France the big race of  The Marmotte (Groundhog). This race is a huge gathering of runners from more than 50 countries in the pure ambiance of cycling in the wonderful scenery of the most beautiful passes of the Alps. The Marmotte in a

KiteFoil explained by the AlpineFoil team. 

Sitting along the water and admiring the dance of the boat-veils is an incredible show, especialy when one can see those men flying 80cm above the water. Admiration is the only legitimate feeling here. Recently, our team met Damien Chaboud. He is a French entrepreuneur who told us the story and the evolution of this